How to Disable Location on your Mobile Device

How to Disable Location on your Mobile Device
How to Disable Location on your Mobile Device

Android Phones and Devices:

⧭ Go to Settings, at that point Permissions, at that point Location and turn it off.

⧭ At the point when an application requests access to your location, you can concede it or not.

⧭ To disable geo-labeling of photographs, open the camera and after that tap on the rigging symbol and set location to "No." You may need to tap the apparatus symbol on a few screen layers.

⧭ You can likewise pick how exact you need your location answering to be (with Location Services On).

  • ➧ High accuracy mode utilizes GPS, WiFi, and cell networks and provides the most astounding location accuracy and speed, and uses more battery. 
  • ➧ Battery sparing mode utilizes WiFi and cell networks to appraise your location, which require less battery. You surrender some accuracy and some speed when you select this mode. 
  • ➧ Gadget just mode utilizes just GPS and provides less precise location data, and uses more battery than the battery sparing mode. This is the most location security defensive and provides a level of accuracy that is fine for some employments.

⧭ To impair location history, go to Google Settings, at that point Location, at that point Location History. You can turn Location History off for your gadget or for your Google Account. You can likewise erase your whole history or parts of it.


iOS iPhones and iPads (iOS 11.3.1 and later):

⧭ Go to Settings, at that point Privacy, at that point Location Services. You can turn it off. On the other hand, you can pick which capacities and applications to offer access to your location.
  • ➧ To debilitate geo-labeling of photographs, deny location access to the camera, in Location Services. 
  • ➧ To debilitate location history, go to Settings, at that point System Services, at that point Frequent Locations. Deselect Frequent Locations by sliding the tab.

Controlling mobile apps

Most portable applications that track location will ask consent. Now and again this is on installation and in others the first occasion when you utilize the application. Consider whether location is basic to what the application improves the situation you. In the event that it's a route application, for instance, than it bodes well for it to know your location. On the off chance that it's an electric lamp, a diversion or other application that ought to have the capacity to work without knowing your location than think about not giving it consent or not utilizing that application.

Additionally, beaware that some applications will keep running out of sight and can track your location regardless of whether you haven't propelled them. At times, the best way to prevent them from running is to expel them from your gadget.
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